Matt Birk has the name recognition to fill the seats in your ballroom, the intelligence to provide excellent content, and the personality that will connect with your attendees.
He speaks to organizations across the country about the value of true inspiration, lasting leadership principles, the dynamics of teamwork, and fulfilling potential.
Matt is more than a talker - he is a doer. He draws on his unique experiences and impressive accomplishments when speaking about important and meaningful topics that will resonate with every attendee in your audience.
Matt’s presentations are humorous and entertaining because he often uses football and the NFL as a metaphor and a means of illustrating his point. This is an effective tool when conveying his message and makes his content memorable.
Matt will talk with you about your goals for his session and any specific issues you would like to have addressed. He takes the time to customize his content to fit the needs of each individual organization. He cares about the success and impact of your event.

For Booking Information and/or to receive additional information – Contact our office: 651-295-1733 or email office@mattbirkspeaking.com.